Five Tips: Making Equity and Inclusion a Professional Growth Theme

by Andy Shaw,  Director of Professional Learning Events this year — and our nation’s response to them — have shone a spotlight upon the realities …

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Supporting Teachers and Schools with myFolio

by Meredith Monk Ford Folio Collaborative Executive Director  We’re putting the finishing touches on the new features and enhancements coming to myFolio on August 10. …

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myFolio Coming in August

By Meredith Monk Ford Executive Director It’s clear from every conversation I have had in the past few weeks, that school leaders’ plates are uncharacteristically full for mid-July. …

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Five Steps to Remote Learning

by Josh Pretzer Dean of Faculties Culver Academies, Culver IN (Understanding how Folio members transitioned to remote learning this past Spring can provide valuable insight …

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Incentives and Flexibility for Tech PD

by Hayley Roberts Director of Teaching and Learning John Thomas Dye School, Los Angeles, CA (Understanding how Folio members transitioned to remote learning can provide …

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The Power of Pausing

By Meredith Monk Ford Executive Director  When I was pregnant with my first child, I did what other clueless new mothers do – I researched. …

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