Using Folio to Advance Your School’s Strategic Goals: Considering Summer Administrative Retreats

While the end of June will be a time for school administrators to take space from their schools, to allow the fullness of the 20-21 …

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Member Spotlight: Creating Alignment through Folio Leadership Team Meetings

Join a conversation with Matt Northrup of Oaks Christian School, about how building a habit of Folio-focused leadership team meetings, attended by leaders from multiple …

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What Teachers Need Next Year — And How Folio Can Help Provide It

Conversations with member schools have revealed consistent themes as school leaders look ahead to ‘21-’22. As schools reopen, heal, rebuild, and redesign in the coming …

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Student Feedback Surveys: A Thoughtful and Purposeful Process

Student feedback can be an essential tool in creating a positive impact on both teaching and learning. Student survey feedback tracks consistency over time and …

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Evaluation, Feedback and Coaching: What You Need to Know – by Elena Aguilar

This post, by Elena Aguilar, was originally published at Bright Morning. Elena will be a keynote speaker at Folio’s Summer Institute 2021, sharing her thoughts …

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Tackling the “Accountability Dilemma” with Rob Evans

Conversations with our member schools reveal that a central challenge for many is an ongoing lack of clear expectations around growth, evaluation, and feedback in …

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