Using “Ecocycle Planning” as a tool for your end of year reflection and supporting your community

By Jeremy Goldstein   I was meeting with one of our members recently and I was reminded of a session I led with faculty and ...
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Surveys are a team effort

As we considered how to help schools with the challenges they face with hiring high-quality teachers and sustaining morale this year, the need for actionable ...
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Folio & Vital Network Partnership

At Folio, we are committed to increasing our use of data to drive decisions and strategy, both as a team and with our member schools. ...
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Member Spotlight: Celebration and collaboration with Spotlights and Informal Observations

  Hear from Curtis Fee, Head of Lower School at Phoenix Country Day, about how Folio has helped foster a culture of collaboration on his ...
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5 Ways to End the Year with Joy!

What do you hope your faculty and staff feel as they end the year? Spotlights As an Administration team, go through your faculty and staff ...
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Folio’s Upcoming Winter Professional Learning Offerings

Folio is a leadership collaborative for educators. We bring together a platform, a community and highly-customized trainings to help you create conversations that inspire learning, ...
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