Folio & Vital Network Partnership

At Folio, we are committed to increasing our use of data to drive decisions and strategy, both as a team and with our member schools. Through school success conversations, we are able to understand how the Folio process and myFolio platform are implemented to support teacher growth and personalized professional learning. However, like many types of data in schools, our understanding is reliant on anecdotal feedback. As part of our ongoing strategic work to lean into data analysis and reflection, we reached out to our Folio friend, Nate Eklund, and his team at Vital Network to create a tool that gives us clearer, quantitative insights about Folio’s efficacy in our member schools. In the future, we want to share trends about how our Collaborative member schools are having an impact on school culture as a result of their Folio implementation. 

When we considered the needs for this survey, we immediately knew we wanted to work with the Vital Network team because Vital’s focus is on increasing hope and decreasing burnout on a systems level and Folio’s focus is on helping school leaders create a school environment more conducive to ongoing professional development for their teachers and staff. Our collaboration, that includes the Folio Impact Survey, extends to a higher level emerging partnership where we plan to bring together the people, processes, and technologies across our organizations to help create great places to teach and work. 

For more than a decade, Vital Network has been collecting the voice of teachers and leaders to measure organizational factors that matter most to lasting improvement. Vital member schools are equipped to:

  1. Find and remove root causes of teacher burnout
  2. Promote employee-centered decisions
  3. Retain and attract teachers
  4. Build a reputation as an employer-of-choice

Vital provides tailored data to guide thoughtful action to create organizational practices and workplace cultures focused on everything that’s awesome about teaching, and Folio provides a way to directly support faculty, staff and school leaders through strategies, tools, and practical information to encourage professional growth, deepen relationships, and improve classroom practices.  

Together, the intersection of the work with Folio and  Vital Network can guide schools to have energized and focused educators full of professional vitality working in hopeful, strategic, and supportive schools. We see Folio as a critical tool in helping you retain and develop the talent that you have and Vital has honed the right questions to ask on a systems level to better understand your culture and context as you strive to increase hope and decrease burnout. 

As part of this emerging partnership, we are excited to offer the Folio Impact Survey to our member schools this spring and look forward to sharing the trends that emerge across the Collaborative as well as recommendations for how to deepen Folio’s impact at your school.

If you’re interested in learning more about the data-driven work of Vital Network and how it can support the Folio process at your school, click here to learn more.