Member Spotlight: Celebration and collaboration with Spotlights and Informal Observations


Hear from Curtis Fee, Head of Lower School at Phoenix Country Day, about how Folio has helped foster a culture of collaboration on his team.

What is your school’s Folio success story?

[0:27] Curtis shares how he creates small moments for reflection and celebration, by dedicating 3 minutes at the beginning of his faculty meetings to send a Spotlight or complete a Mindful Minute.

[2:57]  Curtis uses Folio’s Custom Observation form feature for informal observations to share highlights and feedback with faculty and give faculty space for their own reflection.

[7:43] What advice do you have for other school leaders? Start small when introducing Folio and take a measured approach to introducing new processes and features.

[9:27] In 5 words or less, describe how Folio has impacted your school. Focused. Supportive. Interactive. Collaborative. Synergistic.