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Conversations are a key skill of impactful leaders.

Join our group skill sprints to learn and practice how to:

  • give and receive feedback
  • build trust, belonging, and
  • safety
  • run a team meeting that
  • yields clarity and unity
  • coach a colleague

Virtual full day workshops are designed to take a deep dive into your team’s leadership conversation practices.

If you are looking to deepen your skill as a Department Chair or hone a team’s ability to move together effectively, these workshops are for you.

Folio Meetups are designed to provide space to step back, think together, examine current school and leadership practices. Anchored by a provocative question, Meetups help leaders grapple together and prepare to lead conversations that matter at their schools. Meetups are free to all.

Design Studios are collaborative problem solving experiences that yield new friends, new ideas, and a quick playbook to use in your school today. Our first two studios focus on challenges fresh on our member’s minds: creating a culture of care and refreshing professional learning to help meet the moment.

School based coaching is being in the work together side by side. We offer (virtual or in person) school-based coaching and workshops that deepen teamwork and conversation skills.

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Leadership Skill Sprints

Giving and Receiving Feedback
Dates: January 18th noon ET or 21st 9am ET. 

$250 members, $350 non members
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Leading effective conversations—especially those that are difficult—directly with empathy, care and compassion is the hallmark of an effective leader.

Feedback conversations test the best of us. Leaders who go first set the tone for a culture of shared vulnerability that is so necessary for growth. Come sketch your own feedback requests, and practice how to give feedback that is specific, actionable, inspiring and momentum building.

Please bring a rough draft feedback scenario you are anticipating for mid-year conversations or a scenario from the past that you would like to reinvent. No need to be perfect, we will help each other practice and refine so that you leave clear and ready.

During this sprint you will learn and practice how to:

  • set up feedback as a two-way conversation
  • reduce defensiveness  
  • craft feedback language
  • ask for feedback to build trust 
 After this sprint you will:
  • convert draft feedback into high quality feedback that leaves receivers feeling seen and with a sense of progress
  • apply specific and actionable feedback to an important scenario
  • reduce defensiveness in feedback receivers
  • ask for feedback effectively
  • create a team culture where giving and receiving feedback is normal, expected and appreciated

Build Trust, Belonging, Safety and Connection One Conversation at a Time
Dates: January 19th 12pm or 3pm ET. $250 members, $350 non members
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Conversations that deepen relationships and set the tone of care and belonging begin with small moments. In this skills sprint we will sketch and hone the conditions that make it safe to show up and inquire deeply about our craft as educators.

Please bring a real situation or team you are endeavoring to improve, help thrive, or increase their level of efficacy and belonging. No need to be perfect, we will help each other practice and refine so that you leave clear and ready.

During this sprint you will learn and practice how to:

  • name and normalize beliefs about your learning culture
  • create inclusion in every conversation
  • model practices that invite participation in conversations
  • demonstrate care and listening

After this sprint you will:

  • lead conversations with space to connect and belong
  • model moments of transparency that make space for others to engage
  • engage in conversations with empathy and close listening

Team Meetings as Conversations
Dates: March 8th noon or 3pm ET. $250 members, $350 non members
Register here

If you are puzzling about how to lead meetings with a variety of perspectives that move to action and ensure every voice is heard, this sprint is for you.

Please bring a current meeting agenda you would like to improve. No need to be perfect, we will help each other practice and refine so that you leave clear and ready.

During this sprint you will learn and practice:

  • effective components of an engaging and productive meeting
  • how to design a meeting that is purposeful, attends to culture and grows effective and predictable practices

After this sprint you will:

try out a redesigned team meeting and test how the meeting components foster greater productivity and connection

Coaching Conversations

Dates; February 8th noon or 3pm ET. $250 members, $350 non members
Register here

1:1 conversations can be transformational in their impact on both the individual and entire school culture. Join us if you would like to tune up your practice among a community of like-minded educators.

Please bring a coaching conversation you are anticipating or a scenario from the past that you would like to reinvent. No need to be perfect, we will help each other practice and refine so that you leave clear and ready.

During this sprint you will learn and practice how to:

  • prepare for a coaching conversation
  • sketch a series of coaching questions
  • determine what success looks like

After this sprint you will:

  • polish a draft coaching plan so that receivers leave feeling seen, understood and with new idea and clear next steps
  • utilize a set of questions that create clarity
  • debrief a coaching conversation to deepen the relationship

Department Chairs Growth-Oriented Leadership
June 28-30 2020 (virtual) 10:30am-5:30pm ET
Cost: $1299 members and $2000 non members

Register (Coming soon!)

We often hear from department chairs that they don’t feel equipped to have the new kinds of conversations they are asked to have, or that they feel they need to have, in order to drive change in their departments. They may see themselves as colleagues and managers of department business, more so than coaches, team leaders, and developers of faculty.

Often, they have moved into their roles without the formal leadership training required to transform the work of their departments and the instruction occurring in classrooms. This three-day workshop is designed to equip department chairs with immediately-applicable communication tools and leadership skills that can help them enhance collaboration, foster and support teacher growth, and strengthen collegial relationships within their department. Taking Fierce Conversations modules as well as strategies from our research around collaborative working environments, department chairs will practice skills, experience activities firsthand, and transfer their learning to the myFolio process that they will use in the coming year.

Please bring a meeting you would like to design or a set of coaching conversations you would like to practice.

School-based Coaching

Folio workshops are virtual or in person school-based gatherings that focus on moving better together as a team using agreed upon conversation practices, team rituals and routines. These workshops begin and end with coaching consultation so that the time spent learning is easy to lead and use after the workshop. Think of us as your thought partner as you deepen your culture, your conversational skill, or your practices of adult learning.

Fierce Conversations

Cost $3000 for members per day+ travel and Fierce Materials. Includes two pre/post coaching conversations.

Fierce Conversations® teaches leaders how to have conversations that enrich relationships by igniting productive dialogue, interrogating reality, provoking learning, and resolving tough challenges.. Participants will leave this training with the skills to fully engage in real conversations with peers, parents, colleagues, and students. Based on the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, the workshop is adapted by Folio facilitators based on their experience as educators and school leaders. Designed as a facilitated conversation between professionals, the workshop offers opportunities for discussion, experimentation, coaching, and ‘real-play’ not role play.

Professional Learning: What do we hope for, now?
Cost: $3000 plus travel (includes 2 coaching consultations)

What do faculty need now? What is possible?. We have seen over and over that the schools who have the best outcomes from myFolio platform do so with the support of a well-designed internal process for coaching, supporting, and providing feedback for faculty and staff. Pairing myfolio with these internal processes creates a consistent, structured, and intentional investment in faculty and staff growth

This workshop will help your team find opportunities to imagine and improve alignment between your myFolio approach and your strategic priorities. Using a consultative design process, Folio leaders will partner with you, guiding a team of your faculty/staff and leaders through an investigation of current state, create prototypes, gather feedback, refine your system, and create a detailed plan of action for vibrant professional learning anchored in a culture of care.

Moving Together: Deepening Team Collaboration
Cost: $3000 plus travel (includes 2 coaching consultations)

This moment has re-taught us the power of teams. After many months of stress, uncertainty and change, teams of all types face frayed emotions and a decline in team collaboration skills. And yet at this moment, effective teamwork is essential to holding and guiding our faculty and staff to a future we are just beginning to imagine.

The quality and effectiveness of teamwork is also directly related to the quality of the work itself. This full day workshop—designed for teams of leaders and department chairs—is based on Folio’s “Building Blocks of Transformational Teamwork,” a research-based framework and whitepaper focused on creating collaborative adult cultures in schools. Assess the conditions in your school, explore best practices for increased collaboration, and build an action plan for making tangible cultural and systemic change.

Goals Setting Workshop
Cost $750, virtual (includes 2 coaching consultation before and after)

Designed for large faculty/staff groups or smaller groups of leaders, this two hour workshop begins with an emphasis on the “why” of setting goals. It is designed to help faculty/staff shift into a growth mindset and develop more effective and meaningful goals. In small teams, participants will brainstorm, create or refine action items for their goals detailing the work that they intend to accomplish during the year, leveraging myFolio tools in the process. We also integrate a deep dive into research on habit formation, providing participants the opportunity to explore and apply this research in order to gain traction towards meeting their goals.