Tools, Insights and Resources

As schools plan for the fall, and adjust to current needs, Folio is eager to assist school leaders as they support and guide their faculty and staff.

This page includes:
– helpful Resources and Links to articles, blog posts and information about supporting teachers and leading remotely (including some created for other industries but applicable to independent schools)
 practical, easy-to-use and downloadable Tools to help you lead and respond to your faculty and staff
-Insights and Tips for leading in the current, ever-changing school environment


Insights and Tips

Making the Most of myFolio New Features

The new features and enhancements in the cloud-based, myFolio online platform are more than a clean, new look. They are an expansion and a demonstration …

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Dave Mochel Town Hall: Reflecting Honestly on What’s Working

Learn simple and powerful practice for honest and self-compassionate reflection that allows you to access the wisdom and confidence you need in real time to …

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Dr. Arman Taghizadeh Town Hall: How can we teach through something we never learned?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has led to so many unexpected and unfortunate hardships including suddenly changing the way we teach our students, managing the anxiety of …

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Lessons Learned and Ideas from the Folio Community

School leaders are being innovative and bold in supporting their communities. For teachers and staff, the result has been boosts in morale, a strong sense …

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Resources and Links

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