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8 ways to help teachers regenerate and heal after a year of trauma and resilience

The events of the last 12 months have shown us that teachers have superpowers when it comes to their resilience – they …

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Using Folio to Advance Your School’s Strategic Goals: Considering Summer Administrative Retreats

While the end of June will be a time for school administrators to take space from their schools, to allow the fullness …

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Member Spotlight: Creating Alignment through Folio Leadership Team Meetings

Join a conversation with Matt Northrup of Oaks Christian School, about how building a habit of Folio-focused leadership team meetings, attended by …

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What Teachers Need Next Year — And How Folio Can Help Provide It

Conversations with member schools have revealed consistent themes as school leaders look ahead to ‘21-’22. As schools reopen, heal, rebuild, and redesign …

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Student Feedback Surveys: A Thoughtful and Purposeful Process

Student feedback can be an essential tool in creating a positive impact on both teaching and learning. Student survey feedback tracks consistency …

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Evaluation, Feedback and Coaching: What You Need to Know – by Elena Aguilar

This post, by Elena Aguilar, was originally published at Bright Morning. Elena will be a keynote speaker at Folio’s Summer Institute 2021, …

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Tackling the “Accountability Dilemma” with Rob Evans

Conversations with our member schools reveal that a central challenge for many is an ongoing lack of clear expectations around growth, evaluation, …

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Member Spotlight: Creating intentional observation using the myFolio Roll Call feature

Join a conversation with Joe Weinstein-Sears at Emery/Weiner School, about how he uses the Roll Call feature to save time and take …

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Introducing Your Faculty and Staff to the New Features in myFolio myFolio experience is now more intentional, more actionable, and easier for your faculty and staff to incorporate into their daily routine …

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6 Simple Ways to Help Your School Re-Engage With Professional Growth and Folio

When the the current school year began, some school leaders assessed the bandwidths of their faculty and determined that this would be …

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