Goal Setting: How do I guide faculty and staff in setting goals?


Last month we kicked off our Starting Strong Series with a lesson plan to support your new year launch. As we settle into September and move from the details of opening school to setting our aspirations, we turn to goal setting.

You might be asking…

How do I guide faculty and staff in setting goals?

Folio Resources to help you answer the question:

This resource provides inspiration for why goals are important, even when times are challenging.

If your school needs space to feel or process this year before looking ahead to the new school year, this resource can help.  It can support your leadership as you normalize difficult feelings to help your school heal and move forward.

To understand how goals are structured in myFolio and why, this resource can help you set the tone for the goal setting process before moving to myFolio. I could be helpful to emphasize how the goal setting approach mirrors what we hope for students–learning driven by curiosity.

This is a worksheet faculty and staff can use to organize their thinking, because reflecting before posting on myFolio can be helpful and anchoring.

In order to prime the pump for goal setting, this conversation can provide space for people to think back in order to spring forward into the new year.


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