Student Feedback Surveys: A Thoughtful and Purposeful Process

Student feedback can be an essential tool in creating a positive impact on both teaching and learning. Student survey feedback tracks consistency over time and showcases the student’s experience in the classroom. It can show patterns and support teachers in improving practice and achieving their goals. Student survey feedback can be used to affirm work that is being done well and to help teachers identify areas for professional growth and development. Student feedback is also essential to the student learning experience. Creating a tool for students to have their voices heard gives them ownership of their learning and an opportunity for them to reflect on the ways they learn. But what best practices can we use to create the most effective conditions for student surveying for all involved, so that students can share candid and helpful feedback, teachers can learn while managing the complexity of criticism from students, and schools can create learning communities where feedback is welcomed rather than feared? This resource from Folio, “Student Feedback Surveys: A Thoughtful and Purposeful Process” provides step-by-step guidance for schools launching or revisiting the student survey process.