Member Spotlight: Creating Alignment through Folio Leadership Team Meetings

Join a conversation with Matt Northrup of Oaks Christian School, about how building a habit of Folio-focused leadership team meetings, attended by leaders from multiple divisions and campuses, has supported alignment and intentionality in Oaks Christian’s support for teacher professional growth.

[0:27] What is your school’s Folio success story? Matt talks about how a new habit of Folio-oriented leadership team meetings — featuring principals, deans, and other leaders from multiple divisions and campuses — has allowed Oaks Christian leaders to align on approaches, systems, and decisions related to their professional growth process and their use of Folio, to provide alignment, continuity, and consistency for faculty and staff.

[4:47] What advice do you have for other school leaders? Matt talks the benefits of using the Danielson model as a foundation for Oaks Christian’s Folio work, the decision to position goal-setting in a multi-year context, and the advantages of recurring Folio leadership meetings across divisions and campuses.

[7:18] In 5 words or less, describe how Folio has impacted your school. Folio’s famous “Five Words” activity, in the context of Matt’s experience of using Folio in his school.


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