Triggers, Routines, and Rewards: An Escape from the Dumpster Fire

The past two academic years have been rife with challenges. There has been tremendous amounts of learning, to be sure, but educators have also spent …

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Using Habits and the Domino Effect to Achieve Lasting Professional Growth

How do people grow? Research suggests that about 40% of our day each day is spent acting out habits, rather than making decisions. Even the …

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Member Spotlight: Collaborative growth through peer triads

Join a conversation with Jon Cassie, Director of Curriculum and Innovation at TVT Community Day School (CA), about how TVT supports teachers through peer growth partnerships, …

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Thinking Beyond Goals: 4 Key Actions to Support Teachers Right Now

This year, faculty and staff need more support, and different support. Goal-directed growth remains the centerpiece for faculty/staff support at many schools, for good reasons, …

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Reinvent and Redesign Your Growth System in 2021

With glimmers of hope on the horizon in the form of vaccine development, we’ve begun to hear more from school leaders whose thoughts center around …

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4 Approaches to Midyear Goal-Setting

While faculty and staff at many Folio schools traditionally set goals in August and September, that’s not the only time of year when goal-setting can …

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