Teachers Stay & Grow
Where They Thrive

Cultivate a culture of professional learning excellence tightly aligned to your school’s strategic priorities.

Folio Collaborative builds K-12 faculty and staff success software that supports teacher growth by promoting a culture of learning among educators, instructional coaches, and school leaders.

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What is Folio?

The People

The Method

The Platform

Folio is teacher first – we are educators working to help educators craft their career paths. Our community of like-minded school leaders is invested in learning from and sharing best practices for the benefit of all.

The Folio Method ensures adult learners engage in conversations about professional practice, feel supported in their risk-taking toward growth, and are celebrated for their successes. We weave this expertise in leadership, conversations, and organizational change into myFolio to drive successful implementation.

Customized to each school’s process, the myFolio platform lets educators spend less time tracking and more time talking with each other. MyFolio manages the process, centralizes the data, and brings you what you need when you want it.

Why Folio?

Systematic approach to teacher professional development, observation, and feedback

MyFolio lets you focus on what matters: the conversation. By coaching you through every stage of our Folio Method, you spend time thinking about building relationships and investing in your team, rather than getting bogged down in the logistics of record-keeping.

Expert human support & coaching

MyFolio was built by teachers. It’s the tool that we wanted when we were teaching in our classrooms, leading our departments, and running our schools. It is the lens we bring to every conversation we have. Your school’s partnership with Folio is supported by our team’s coaching, which channels all of the motivations that brought us to teaching in the first place.

Secure system for holding data & information

Never accidentally send everyone on your team a confidential review. Unlike Google, Folio is a completely secure system. Share what you want and never what you don’t. Folio stays with your school, so you never have so worry about an accidentally deleted account removing your data.

Facilitate a people-first method of goal-setting, purposeful action, and reflection tightly aligned to your school’s strategic priorities.

Teachers Stay & Grow
Where They Thrive

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