Supporting Overwhelmed Faculty

by Meredith Monk Ford
Executive Director 

We were speaking to one of our schools last week about their use of myFolio this year.  They were concerned about the additional burden on faculty, as well as the concept of setting goals in such an unprecedented time when it feels like everyone’s goal is to endure.

We hear this – and we want to offer an alternative way to look at things. This year’s Folio is less about constructive feedback and more about validation, support, and collegial connection.

This year, your myFolio strategy will need a reframe just like everything else because everyone’s reality has shifted, and thus so must your approach to professional growth. Our current environment is forcing and requiring growth and creative problem solving whether your faculty are ready or not. Therefore, your use of myFolio isn’t as much about striving as it is about prioritization, clarity, intentionality, and incremental progress in the face of overwhelm.

According to our conversations with teachers. They want to know that: you have their back, you understand what they are struggling with, and you are there to help them through it.

The new features introduced a few weeks ago in myFolio demonstrate your support for faculty and staff. By giving them the structure to define their own individual goals, you are giving them agency and the opportunity to succeed. By encouraging them to share ideas and insights on your school’s community feed, you are bringing them together.

And that’s why myFolio is your community’s support system, helping everyone to focus on what matters most to your school – while tuning out the noise that keeps people spinning their wheels.


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