myFolio Coming in August

By Meredith Monk Ford
Executive Director

It’s clear from every conversation I have had in the past few weeks, that school leaders’ plates are uncharacteristically full for mid-July. The number of unknowns everyone is trying to juggle makes it almost impossible to plan for every contingency, especially when so much is out of one’s control. Somewhere on that full plate is the challenge of supporting faculty and staff regardless of which version of the “return to school plan” you will eventually follow. Unlike in the spring, when there was some latitude around instruction, the expectations are higher this fall – and this is an opportunity.

This is the year to approach professional learning in a more intentional and collaborative way. Some questions you may be wondering about:

  • How can I keep faculty and staff engaged and motivated, and help them take ownership of their own learning and growth?
  • How can I support the faculty’s need for community and connection?
  • How can I create asynchronous ways for faculty and staff to share what they are learning with the wider school community for the betterment of all?
  • And how will I make sure that everyone is moving in the same direction, with the same priorities?

Starting in August, myFolio will help.

The new features and enhancements in our online platform – renamed myFolio – have been created to address these questions.

We’ve been working on changes to our platform through an intensive process that includes educational leaders working on our E. E. Ford-supported initiative on collaboration, our experienced technology and behavioral consultants, and the input of dozens of Folio Collaborative members.

What you will see in August is especially relevant for where independent schools are now and where they’re headed. The new features and enhancements will immediately provide the structure, process  and connections that school leaders need, and that teachers and staff will use.

And they will use it. The entire platform has been redesigned with a fresher, more attractive look to create a fluid, enjoyable experience. All of the existing features, including the popular Notes and Spotlights, will be easy-to-find and will function as they always have.

What’s new in myFolio is what matters most to you and your teams – thoughtful and deliberate goal-setting, motivation and encouragement, meaningful collaboration, clarity about responsibilities, and shared priorities.

In the coming months, we will be providing insights and details about how myFolio will support your leadership, as well as your faculty and staff professional growth.

As you create a community of learners working together with shared values and purpose, myFolio – and Folio Collaborative – will make it easier to facilitate that work.


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