Introducing Your Faculty and Staff to the New Features in myFolio

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The myFolio experience is now more intentional, more actionable, and easier for your faculty and staff to incorporate into their daily routine so that professional growth and learning is a continual, rewarding process.

New! myFolio

  • Folio’s online experience is now called myFolio. The entire experience has a cleaner, fresher look, making myFolio more enjoyable to use. Don’t worry—all of the features that faculty and staff use and love are still available, including Spotlights, Notes, and Mindful Minutes. myFolio is now—more than ever—a personalized experience that can easily fit it into daily routines.

New! Themes

  • School administrators will identify school-wide goals and priorities—called Themes—for the year so that as faculty and staff develop their professional growth goals, their plans will be aligned with those priorities and what matters most at your school.
  • First Step: When teachers and staff begin developing their goals, your school’s Themes will be listed so they can select the ones that align with your school’s strategic priorities.

Better! Goal-Setting

  • myFolio users will create more meaningful goals for the year through a series of prompts and questions that identify barriers, explore solutions, and break goals down into actionable, bite-sized steps.
  • First Step: Users will be guided through the goal-setting process with screen-by-screen prompts.

New! School Community Feed

  • Connect… share… collaborate with fellow faculty and staff. The new School Community Feed is the place for everyone at your school to share ideas and best practices, ask questions and provide answers, celebrate achievements, and stay connected.
  • First Step: The School Community Feed will appear on the User Homepage. Share something!

New! User Homepage

  • myFolio looks and feels different, starting with a personalized Homepage for every User. When logging in, they will see their individual professional growth goals, the school-wide themes that these goals are aligned with—and the School Community Feed—all in one convenient place.
  • First Step: Login to myFolio and get started!