Member Spotlight: Building connections and relationships with the Mindful Minute

Join a conversation with Andi Shurley, Principal at Ursuline Academy of Dallas, about how Ursuline uses myFolio’s Mindful Minute tool to attend to faculty well-being and deepen relationships between administrators and faculty across a large school.

[0:44] What is your school’s Folio success story? Andi talks about how Ursuline has leveraged the Mindful Minute tool during this very complex year, checking in with faculty and building relationships.

[4:10] What advice do you have for other school leaders? Andi talks about the benefits of using a wide array of myFolio features to double-down on positivity and celebration; Andi describes “the kindness of holding ourselves accountable to each other” through the myFolio platform.

[6:00] In 5 words or less, describe how Folio has impacted your school. Folio’s famous “Five Words” activity, in the context of Andi’s experience of using Folio in her school.