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Our Work The Folio Collaborative is a non-profit, growing community of over 150 independent schools around the world. Our mission is to help schools help teachers to grow and learn as growth-minded educators. We are focused on working together to build a flexible faculty and staff professional growth process that really works. We believe that everyone deserves meaningful feedback and encouragement every year. We believe that great teachers are the essential ingredient to a great school – more important than location, facilities, or endowment. Leveraging the power of technology together with a passion for teaching excellence, we provide a flexible framework that fully engages the school community and enables educators to discover and achieve their full potential. Our Team Empowering others is at the heart of what we do as a team. We work to collaborate whenever possible—two minds are better than one. Underlying our core mission is a focus on supporting our member schools by encouraging their leaders and faculty. As a small and agile team, we value flexibility and a willingness to learn over expertise and specialization. We are committed to pursuing excellence in all that we do for the team and for our members. However, we also know the work we do can always improve, and we are curious to discover how through feedback and questions. As a result, we value time spent together reviewing our systems, offerings, and materials—iterating and growing from successes and obstacles. Although we do not always work in the same space at the same time, we remain connected through structured virtual team meetings and collaborative online tools. When we do get together in person, our priorities are productivity and learning followed closely behind by good food and fun. We hope to be the kind of innovative team that creates a future for schools that they may not be able to see themselves. Through our commitment to honest, productive conversations, we successfully support each other, our learning, and the work we do for our schools.

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