Using the Folio Platform for Sharing Conversations


The Folio platform provides a number of tools for users to collaborate and share ideas, post information and record notes. These tools can be especially helpful as school leaders, faculty and staff create new school-wide, division or departmental, and individual goals that come from working remotely.

Here are some ideas:

Custom Instructions on the Goals Page: This is a good place to post school-wide learning goals so that every Folio user can see them and can reference them for their individual goals.  If you are clear about expectations for faculty, this can help them brainstorm how to transfer school expectations into action. Consider goals such as:

  • How might we find a balance between screen time and other work, in order to prevent students from spending all day on a computer?
  • How might we infuse an element of fun and care into our classes, in order to tend to the emotional needs of our students?
  • How might we rethink our approach to assessments, in order to preserve the integrity of each student’s work and engage them in higher order thinking skills?

Workspaces: When groups of teachers participate in online brainstorming around goals and goal setting, they can share their ideas, thoughts and questions in a dedicated Workspace. They can also create a timeline for their next group actions.

School Resources: The School Resources can be a useful place to curate the most valuable resources (such as links to articles or videos related to distance learning) that can easily be shared with and accessed by all Folio users.

The Conversation Note: One-on one coaching conversations are more important than ever in supporting faculty and staff. The Conversation Note functionality is where you can save notes from these conversations.  If you are not using it already, you could also turn on the Mid-Cycle conversation note to track and ensure that each employee has had a one-on-one conversation with their supervisor.

Milestones: Maintaining schedules is critical as our days flow into evenings, weekdays suddenly become weekends. Adjusting your end of year milestones in the timeline to meet the needs of your faculty will make this easier.


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