Member Spotlight: Focusing on what matters in a difficult year


Join a conversation with John Bracker at Polytechnic School, about how Poly’s commitment to Folio helped the school come together and maintain its focus on professional growth and strategic priorities, even amidst the challenges of the pandemic .

[0:29] What is your school’s Folio success story? John talks about how using myFolio to unify the professional growth experience helped teachers understand what to prioritize amidst the chaos of 2020 and 2021, and helped the faculty and staff come together around what really matters to them as a school and a community.

[2:02] What advice do you have for other school leaders? John talks about consistency of leadership, making and protecting time — ” the gift in schools” — for professional growth efforts, and ways to foster a growth mindset among faculty and staff.

[4:05] In 5 words or less, describe how Folio has impacted your school. Folio’s famous “Five Words” activity, in the context of John’s experience of using Folio in his school.