Connect With Other Leaders

We are hosting two online Town Hall discussions Tuesday, March 17  where you can connect with other school leaders to problem-solve together and to learn about tools for supporting teachers. As a community, we can leverage our collective experience.

For the 7:30 am (Eastern) session, you can register here.

For the 10:30 am (Eastern; 7:30 am Pacific) session, you can register here.

Ideas and Insight

  • Stay in touch – Create opportunities and processes, such as using Slack for staff to informally interact.
  • Maintain rituals – Acknowledge popular rituals virtually, such as birthdays, celebrations, office hours, happy hours and other moments when staff would come together.
  • Ask – Regularly check-in with staff to see how they are adjusting to their “new normal” and how you can support them. Tend to emotional needs as well as required tasks.
  • Be Clear – Establish and clearly communicate norms and boundaries for when and how staff communicate with each other and with their supervisors.
  • Encourage structure – Encourage staff to maintain a regular schedule and create an “office” space at home.
  • Be Innovative – Deploy the many online programs, platforms and applications that allow teams to meet and collaborate online, such as Folio, Slack, Google Hangouts – and define expectations for how these tools are used.
  • Stay positive – Remind teachers that while this change might be new and temporary, the fundamentals of connecting with students and learning communities remain constant.
  • Promote learning and growth – Help teachers see online learning (and any change) as an opportunity to reimagine instruction and develop their practice.

For our evolving list of suggestions and ideas, visit our Resources page at


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