The Process: 5 Stages of Folio

The Folio process is broken into five stages.

Each stage provides teachers and staff members with an opportunity to grow.


Everyone who uses Folio has a personal profile where he/she writes goals, accomplishments, and a personal narrative. Folio makes updates easy and maintains a historic copy of everything in the profile.


Goal setting is an essential part of the Folio process.  Because goals are often completed over several years each goal has specific action statements that detail the work that will be done in the short term. Action statements are meant to be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).


Focus accommodates for the individual needs of teachers and staff members.  Classroom observation gives teachers and supervisors the opportunity to discuss a shared classroom experience.  The Folio system provides a simple tool for recording notes from the observation conversation.  The project area allows teachers and staff members to record notes and plans from a curricular / professional development project.  The year off setting provides schools with the ability to scale the Folio process for some teachers in some years.  Focus settings are customizable for each teacher / staff member each year.  Focus helps school leaders ensure that the Folio process remains caveman simple.


The Folio feedback tool provides another powerful mirror on our work as educators.  The Folio feedback system is incredibly flexible.  It allows your school to decide how you want to use feedback, when you want to use it, what questions will be asked, and how the results will be shared.   Folio streamlines the process of gathering feedback and unlocks its power with a simple yet powerful analysis engine that you have to see to believe.


The summary meeting at the end of the year is the heart of the Folio process.  Teachers and staff members meet with their administrator to talk about growth, review goals, and set a new course for the following year.  Gone are the days of running around looking for your goals sheet or the notes from the classroom observation that happened in November.  In Folio everything is online, secure, and easily accessible. Teacher and administrators who use Folio often rave about these conversations.  People often say that their meetings last over an hour and provide insight that they never had before.

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