The Folio Story

It all started in a school.

The Folio journey began at McDonogh School in Maryland when a committee of teachers and administrators set out to build a better system for enhancing their faculty and staff.  They were driven by a few guiding values.

1. Everyone has room to grow, every year.
2. For a process to be sustainable, it has to be easy to use.
3. Personal, annual reflection should be at the heart of the process.
4. A successful process needs to be based in honest conversations and focused on growth.
5. Students and peers deserve the opportunity to give feedback.

McDonogh took these values and partnered with their technology team to build the first version of the online Folio application.  Other schools who heard about the work that was being done suggested that the school rebuild their tool as a stand alone system that could be used by other schools.  Intrigued by the opportunity to help other schools, McDonogh’s Board created an independent non-profit organization focused solely on the development of the best possible system for managing faculty and staff growth in schools.

Folio is far more than software–it is a comprehensive process that involves personal reflection, ongoing goals, classroom observation, and multidimensional feedback.  Folio’s technology framework takes the grunt work out of the system so that teachers and administrators can focus on what really matters.

The FolioCollaborative has grown into a community of over 150  independent schools from around the country.