“Folio has delivered on its promise: it is a facile system, it is secure, and it facilitates the important conversations that need to happen in support of professional excellence. Our faculty are greatly enjoying shining the spotlight on each other. For administrators, it provides a simple, effectual means to supervising processes in support of professional growth.”
Sean Raymond
Academic Dean, York

“We rolled out Folio on a limited pilot basis. However, within months we became convinced that this is the most effective program for professional growth and that we absolutely must expand our use of this program.”
Upper School Assistant Principal, Woodward Academy

“Professional growth before Folio was fairly invisible, where faculty and staff members were doing their work, trying out new ideas, but it was all behind closed doors. Folio has really opened up that process, so that we can all share ideas. We can see what others are doing. That has sparked new ideas and
a lot of excitement.”
Juna Kim McDaid
Dean of Faculty, Drew School

(Juna is now at another Folio member school, Sonoma Country Day School, as the Middle School Division Head.)

“We have only been using Folio for a few months but the response is already quite positive. Ease of use; ease of storage and access for information that would otherwise have been in e-mail, on paper, in files. . . ease of tracking. All in all, from both faculty and administrative point of view, this is going to streamline the record-keeping for our professional growth system. The energy has already been able to go into the conversations in a newly focused way, unencumbered by the hassle of keeping track of paper. The Goal/Action Steps format has also helped teachers define and focus their goals in a more constructive way.”
Rebekah Wolman
Director of Upper School, Katherine Delmar Burke School

“Folio has been great as an organization tool. I really appreciate having a single repository and a single template for all faculty observation and evaluation materials. This is especially valuable, since we’ve got several people involved in conducting observations and having conversations. We’re in our second year of using Folio, and it is great to be building up a portfolio for each faculty member.”
Fred Strong
Dean of Faculty, Seattle Academy

“FOLIO offers a simplified and effective way of organizing supervision and professional growth in our school. Our connection with outstanding educators through the collaborative has been an extremely positive experience.”
Vivian Barfoot
Associate Head of School, The Montgomery Academy

“The most inspiring part of Folio is, as a supervisor, sitting in a room with a teacher, having a very human interaction with them, and watching them come alive as they start to see a deeper purpose and meaning to the work that they are doing.”
Nasif H. Iskander
Dean of Faculty & Assistant Head of School, San Francisco University High School

“The best part of Folio is that it provides a channel for affirmation of teachers’ growth and successes. It helps us to acknowledge that teachers are working wholeheartedly to advance the school’s strategic initiatives and leads to conversations about growth areas for each faculty member. Folio has been part of a major shift within our faculty culture, so that teachers now feel more heard and supported than was possible with our previous evaluation system.”
Christopher Wilson
Dean of Faculty, Holton-Arms School

“Both of our campuses are using for faculty. The Korea campus has decided to include staff and I am pushing for that here in PV. So far feedback is very positive. The supervisors love it. It will continue to take some working in the system so others become familiar and comfortable. The faculty that have embraced it are wanting more!”
Susan Litwiller
Executive Asst to Headmaster, Chadwick