The Software

The Guiding Principles for Our Software

Folio is designed to:

  1. manage a school’s evaluation and growth process
  2. be a user friendly platform that makes life easier for teachers, staff, and administrators
  3. provide quick access to the data
  4. keep the evaluation and growth process moving forward with less need for oversight
  5. collect and organize different types of data
  6. meet the needs of different schools’ structures
  7. increase teacher accountability and ownership over their own growth


In most schools, faculty growth and evaluation is driven by an inefficient, paper-based process that rarely leads to honest and informed conversations. Folio provides a painless, web-based system that removes the grunt-work and delivers enhanced visibility into school improvement data.

Clean, Powerful Interface

Folio was designed by teachers with teachers in mind. We understand that the last thing a teacher or administrator needs is another cumbersome, burdensome piece of software. The Folio interface is clean, approachable, and fast. Everything that you need is one or two clicks away. Folio is incredibly simple on the front-end and powerful on the back end.

256-bit Encryption

Security of data and information has been at the center of the Folio design process from the beginning. Folio uses the same 256-bit encryption technology that is used in major financial institutions to ensure that your school’s data remains safe, secure, and private.

Easy School Import

Importing your school’s data into Folio couldn’t be easier. Our import engine is structured to receive data via easy-to-use CSV files. If you can export it, we can import it. If you encounter problems with imports, our tech support staff is standing by to help.