Folio’s Upcoming Winter Professional Learning Offerings

Folio is a leadership collaborative for educators. We bring together a platform, a community and highly-customized trainings to help you create conversations that inspire learning, fuel mastery and create a culture of connection and belonging. 

We design trainings with verve — they’re fuel for the fire (and they can help get you unstuck too). Starting from the belief that none of us is as smart, capable, or experienced as all of us,  our training’s center on collaborative problem solving, experimentation, and reflection. Members tell us they leave inspired and invigorated with fresh thoughts, new skills and a community of leaders to rely on as they try out new ideas. 

We believe conversations determine the quality of relationships, the quality of team work, and the nature of a school culture. Our conversation practices fuel inclusion, belonging, well being, and growth.  And particularly now, because conversations are essential for creating a culture of care, together, we rapidly hone our mindsets, skills sets and leadership practices so that we all thrive together.


Folio MeetupsLeader Skill SprintsFolio Design StudiosFull Day WorkshopsSchool-based Coaching

Folio Meetups are designed to provide space to step back, think together, examine current school and leadership practices. 

Anchored by a provocative question, Meetups help leaders grapple together and prepare to lead conversations that matter at their schools.

Meetups are free to all.

Conversations are a key skill of impactful leaders. 

Join our group skill sprints to learn and practice how to:   

  • give and receive feedback
  • build trust, belonging, and safety
  • run a team meeting that yields clarity and unity
  • coach a colleague

Design Studios are collaborative problem solving experiences that yield new friends, new ideas, and a quick playbook to use in your school today. 

Our first two studios focus on challenges fresh on our member’s minds: creating a culture of care and refreshing professional learning to help meet the moment.

Virtual full day workshops are designed to take a deep dive into your team’s leadership conversation practices. 

If you are looking to deepen your skill as a  Department Chair or hone a team’s ability to move together effectively, these workshops are for you. 

School based coaching is being in the work together side by side. 

We offer (virtual or in person) school-based coaching and workshops that deepen teamwork and conversation skills.