Membership Matters! Join us at Folio’s Annual Meeting

Folio member schools are just that – members. By joining the Collaborative, you aren’t simply subscribing to a software platform or accessing a list of professional development opportunities. Membership means that you have a voice, that you play a role in Folio’s growth, development, and strategic direction. While there are many ways to exercise that voice and to explore your role as a Folio “insider,” one of the most important of these is Folio’s Annual Meeting, held this year virtually on March 25.

What happens at a Folio Annual Meeting?

Yes, we know, there are organizations out there whose annual meetings aren’t exactly riveting. Fortunately, Folio represents an exception. Usually held concurrently to the NAIS annual conference, the Folio Annual Meeting this year includes the following:

  • Opportunities to connect with peers from other schools and compare notes
  • Updates on national trends related to school leadership and professional growth
  • The “inside scoop” on next steps for the myFolio platform and the opportunity to provide feedback on upcoming Folio software development
  •  News about upcoming Folio research, opportunities, and events
  • Guidance from Folio about how best to lead professional growth efforts at this complex moment in time

I’m in! How do I sign up?

Register here to save your spot. We can’t wait to see you there!

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