Member Spotlight: January Goal Setting



Tell us about your school:

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a K-12 co-ed, independent day school in Austin, Texas. We foster a whole child approach to education, nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. We articulate that approach through our four pillars of Scholar, Artist, Athlete, and Servant.


What is your professional growth process and myFolio calendar? 
Our faculty is divided into five cohorts, each led by different myFolio supervisors: Head of School, Division Heads, Assistant Head for Academics, Assistant Heads for Student Life, and Department Chairs. All cohorts create goals at the beginning of the cycle. Each cohort has a different area of focus for their observation based on our essential expectations and our teaching and learning process. For example, one cohort shadows a student for their observation. The new teacher cohort conducts peer observations.

How has this process impacted your faculty and staff?

The January – December cycle allows faculty and staff to utilize the summer as an opportunity for reflection and growth. Teachers can attend more substantive conferences, apply for collaborative summer grants, and take the time to reflect on the year and their goals.

Our cohort organization allows faculty and staff to collaborate with various supervisors giving them different perspectives and feedback.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other Folio members?

When following a January – December cycle, be sure observations are done between January and May so that there is time for good conversations and strategizing before the end of the cycle. The goals meetings and observation follow-ups should not simply be something to complete, they need to lead to new actions or thoughts.

Folio in 5 words or less:

Clarity, Flexibility, Support, Growth