One Schoolhouse logoFolio is excited to announce a new partner, One Schoolhouse! Our first collaborative effort is this online course Leading the Goal Setting Process, beginning January 21, 2020.


Dates Offered: January 21 – February 7, 2020

​​Leaders (Division Directors, Academic Deans, Department Chairs, Coaches) play an important role in supporting faculty and staff in the process of setting and sustaining progress towards their professional goals. While goals can be exciting, they can also raise important questions for your leadership/school:

  • How do teachers set meaningful and sustainable goals?
  • What if there is not enough time to spend on the process?
  • How do I help teachers set stretchy, yet achievable goals?
  • What is the best way to use Folio to support the process?

Throughout this course, we will use research, articles, and videos, as well as Folio samples, to guide you through this essential process for growth and development. Participants begin with an understanding of the purpose/importance of goal setting. Then, we will explore research around creating a growth-minded culture. Participants will have an opportunity to design a goal-setting process for their teams that aligns with the larger goals of the school community. 

Another challenge to successful goal-setting is how to provide ongoing support to faculty and staff around achieving their goals. The course will equip you with coaching techniques and opportunities to reflect so that you feel prepared to engage in conversation with members of your team to promote professional learning. We will share ways for documentation and tracking of goals, and how individuals can engage in reflective thinking the entire year so the goals do not become a faint memory. The course ends with planning for end-of-year reflection that supports looking back as a way of setting new goals for the future. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the research behind goal setting
  • Lead with a growth mindset and create an environment where teachers can stretch, take risks, and be vulnerable
  • Facilitate goal setting with teachers
  • Use coaching strategies and questions to guide the goals conversation
  • Use Folio to manage and sustain goals OR Manage the process using Folio

Course Format: Participants in the course will be guided in a three-week long, asynchronous online course on the goal setting process. Classes run asynchronously, so there is no fixed time when you must participate online. However, you should commit to spend at least four hours each week the class is in session. Coursework and assignments for each unit open on Monday morning; you should complete each assignment by the following Sunday evening. While you may request a deadline extension, interaction proves more effective when the entire class works on the same topic. Participants connect and collaborate with colleagues through several forms of interactive media, including short videos and discussion boards.

  • Week 1: The Importance of Goal Setting
  • Week 2: Supporting Faculty to Create Great Goals
  • Week 3: Coaching for Meeting Goals

    Registration: Participation in this course is limited to thirty, to allow for a high level of engagement between participants and the facilitator. For our current professional development tuition, please click here.

Course Facilitators: Moira Regan Edmiston, Director of Professional Development at FolioCollaborative, is the course facilitator. Moira has been an educator for more than 20 years, which includes K-8 classroom teaching and administration, experience as a corporate trainer, a diversity consultant and leadership coach. Moira has lead numerous workshops with Folio schools, focused on Implementation, Coaching, Classroom Observations, and Goal setting. ​Her co-facilitator for the course is Brad Rathgeber, Head of School of One Schoolhouse, and a veteran teacher and administrator in independent schools.