Implementation Process

Folio Implementation Timeline

Once you have decided that you would like to join the FolioCollaborative, here are the steps you will need to follow for a successful implementation of our program:

  1. Commit to membership in the Collaborative by way of a one time $1000 setup fee.  This money covers the cost of Folio Administrator training and your database setup.


  1. Identify your school’s Folio Administrator.  This is NOT a tech person.  Typically, it is an Assistant Head of School, Dean of Faculty or Division Head because, this person will be able to see everyone in the organization’s data.  The Folio Administrator is responsible for configuring the Folio site to reflect your school’s professional growth and evaluation philosophy for the upcoming school year.  This includes:

    • determining which Profile components to enable

    • the Milestones you would like to track for the year

    • and if you are utilizing the Survey module, which options to manage for student, peer, and supervisor feedback

    • adding and deleting employees in the future.


  1. Identify your core team of Folio Supervisors and begin to consider:

    • What members of your community will be participating in the Folio Process? A pilot group of faculty? All faculty? All faculty and staff?

    • What aspects of the software are you going to use? Full Reflective Profile? Feedback?

      1. Based on our  experience, we discourage the use of student feedback in year one.

      2. Student feedback requires additional training and preparation.  Due to the time required of our staff, student feedback training and set-up will have an additional one-time cost of $500.  If a school wants to use the student feedback function, they need to contact Folio’s technical support.

    • How and when will you present Folio to the faculty?

    • When would you like to “Go Live”?

      1. Setup — database up and running for training and a small group

      2. Go Live — Folio is open and available for faculty and staff to input data


  1. Schedule Admin Training — One of our experienced Trainers will work with you to load the database and train the Folio Administrator


  1. Schedule the Implementation Workshop.  This is a full day of work with a Folio Trainer.  Your team will spend a full morning in software training accompanied by an afternoon Folio rollout strategy session, tailored to your school’s culture and planned use of Folio.


  1. Participate in FolioCollaborative events during the year.

    • The Summer Institute: The Summer Institute is an opportunity to share ideas and leave with new ones. This once-a-year assembly of teams from our Member Schools offers everyone a chance to strengthen the Collaborative by teaching and learning from one another.
    • Fierce Conversation Trainings led by Executive Director, Meredith Ford: Participants will leave this training with the skills to fully engage in real conversations with peers, parents, colleagues, and students. Many have found that this training also extends to their personal relationships. While this training is based on the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, FolioCollaborative Executive Director Meredith uses her experience as a school administrator to adjust the context of the conversations.

Questions?  Please contact our Membership Director, Lissa Caltrider at 443-926-9179 or