Top Ten Reasons to Use Folio

Top Ten Reasons to Use Folio in Your School

  1. 1 Folio is a comprehensive system designed to meet the unique needs of independent schools.
  2. 2 Folio provides a common framework that can be applied consistently with your faculty and your staff.
  3. 3 Folio’s powerful progress tracking tool makes it easy for teachers and administrators to stay up-to-date with the system.
  4. 4 Personal reflection is an important part of Folio.  Teachers and staff members are encouraged to reflect each summer about their professional journey in the school.
  5. 5 Folio maintains a historic record of meeting notes and goals so that teachers and staff members can easily look back on lessons learned in previous years.
  6. 6 Folio uses a year-end report system that summarizes the conversations from the year into a short report.
  7. 7 The FolioNetwork team is partnering with a team of experts in the field of organizational development to ensure that schools have access to the best thinking and advice.
  8. 8 Folio has a flexible tool for gathering anonymous feedback from students.  Schools can decide how, if, and when this data will be collected and reported.
  9. 9 The supervisor feedback tool allows all employees to give anonymous feedback to their administrators.
  10. 10 Folio has the ability to limit the visibility of student and peer feedback so that it can be a true learning tool for teachers and staff members.