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                INDIVIDUAL                    OR TEAM BASED

Folio Meetups are designed to provide space to step back, think together, examine current school and leadership practices.

Anchored by a provocative question, Meetups help leaders grapple together and prepare to lead conversations that matter at their schools.

Meetups are free to all.

Design Studios are collaborative problem solving spaces that yield fresh approaches to a significant challenge.

If faculty retention or well being are on your mind, and how to face and lead from barely surviving to thriving then this studio is for you.

Especially now, our leaders tell us they most hope their faculty feel seen, appreciated, and supported.

Join our skill sprints to learn, practice and fine tune conversations that do just that.

The Department Chair role is vital to student experience and teacher success. Chairs are charged with leading a variety of conversation types from team meetings, to coaching or feedback conversations to negotiating with other chairs.

We can fix that.

New Leader Winter Coaching Boosts: Need a boost to move from stuck, unsure, or unclear to ready and refreshed? If talking out loud helps you refuel, give yourself the gift of clarity with 2×45 min coaching sessions.

Team Resets:

Reserve your date now for a 1-2 day Team retreat to regroup, reset, rebuild and deepen conversation skills. Booking now for dates in April- June.

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Folio Meetups

Folio Collaborative Meetups are monthly one hour community gatherings. Join us for one or all as we create space to step back and think together about key questions on members’ minds. To accommodate folks in different time zones, we offer separate sessions, one at 12 to 1 ET (9 to 10 PT) and a separate session at 12 to 1 PT (3 to 4 ET):

January 20: What does it look like to keep growth front and center as a leadership team in order to develop the habit of reflecting and adapting?
February 10: How do we envision the community we want to be next year that centers on learning for all–students and adults?
March 10: What does finishing strong look like in your school, division, or department? How do we hold and lead our community with both pressure and support to keep the momentum in the final stretch?
April 21: TBD by member demand

Cost: free to both members and non members


12 to 1 ET (9 to 10 PT)

12 to 1 PT (3 to 4 ET)

Folio Masterminds (Members only)

6 calls, October 2021 through April 2022.

One of our most popular offerings, the Folio Mastermind series brings together groups of highly motivated school leaders from Folio member schools around the shared goal of deepening growth-minded faculty cultures within their school communities. Each group is led by an experienced facilitator and meets for seven 60-minute calls over the course of the year to share challenges and brainstorm solutions together.

This year’s Mastermind groups will be organized around the key reasons you hired Folio as well as additional topics of interest to member schools.

Each group will meet for six 60-minute video calls over the course of the year. As space is limited and demand is high, we ask that you register for a Mastermind group for which you are able to attend at least six of the seven meeting dates. Once registered, you will receive confirmation calendar invites for each of your Mastermind group’s meeting dates.

Tuition is $250 (Folio members only.) Register here.

Folio Design Studios

Dates: May 10th or 19th
$250 members, $350 non members

Click here to join us.

Challenge: A key reason faculty are leaving now is to get away from an overwhelming, lack of hope kind of state that has become the reality of pandemic teaching. If faculty retention, engagement or well being is on your mind, and how to lead from barely surviving to thriving. then this community is for you.

Design Studios are collaborative problem solving communities that yield fresh approaches to a significant current challenge. Together we will think big and small to understand and design key actions to a better state.