– Perth WAtch #132. Opinions?? Oris and Longines HC being a sports watch (diver) and the FC classic is a dressy piece. (Image By fitm) In 1904, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian established Oris close to Hölstein. As the name suggests, it features a large crown, making it easier for pilot’s wearing heavy gloves to operate, and a classic time display with a pointer date. The Oris is as cool as the Longines, but not quite there yet though. Not a brand I would have spent my own money on, but the quality and fit and finish at that price point is excellent. As such, it has the same credibility and reliability associated with its date-only brother. The Fortis then sports the ETA 2836-2, which is the day/date version of the 2824. What is really embarrassing for Tudor is how the Pelagos compares to the Tissot Seastar 1000 Silicium, which, like the Tudor, has a silicon balance spring. Historically, Eterna has been at the same level as Omega, which I personally consider to be one notch below Longines. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Personally, I prefer Longines because its design has a strong attraction. ระหว่าง 1.Oris Aquis 2.Longines Hydro Conquest แนะนำตัวไหนครับ Clash of The Divers: Oris Aquis Date Replica Watch vs Longines Heritage Diver Replica Watch. Longines and TAG Heuer are two Swiss brands with comparable qualities. Special attention went into the aesthetics of the bezel, the cabochon crown and the links. A subtle blend of performance and elegance, the Longines Conquest includes technical features that meet the requirements of the most demanding sportsmen and women. Oris does a better job with their 65 in this regard. A Longines (a much larger brand globally than Tudor) is a Longines. Oris Aquis Oris Aquis Date has a distinctive look, the black dial, and black uni-directional bezel. Conclusion: Oris VS Tudor – Which is Better? In terms of watch accuracy, durability, price, resale value, water resistance, and popularity, these two brands don’t differ that much. Oris has been making a pointer date watch, in one form or another, since 1938, and the timepiece you see here is its freshest iteration, launched at Baselworld earlier this year. This website uses cookies to track performance, statistics, advertising purposes and to ensure you get a personalized experience. A solidly built Swiss divers’ watch with ETA’s bestselling Caliber 2892, a steel bracelet, a divers’ extension in the bracelet, and a price tag of just $1,000: that’s what we call a favorable price-performance ratio. The deciding factor will be the brand name and style preference. There is a black rubber strap that is screwed to the lugs and made a very solid impression to this watch. Then, the title will be Oris Aquis vs Longines Hydroconquest. One of the closest competitors for the Longines, in our opinion, is the Oris Divers Sixty-Five collection. ORIS vs Hamilton . Could you guys please help me in choosing one? 170 months. The Longines HydroConquest is quite an anomaly among Swiss luxury watches, but in a good way. Clash of The Divers: Oris Aquis Date Watch vs Longines Heritage Diver Watch. But those who opt for this 41-mm stainless-steel watch will have to make do with an aluminum bezel. Oris Aquis Date vs Longines Hydrocoquest 2018 I have the Oris (pre 2017 facelift). I tried both on and the Oriswas leagues ahead imho, especially the bracelet which is beautiful. Ceramic bezel as well. Longines hasn’t released any prices yet but I imagine they will retail for a few hundred dollars more than the current non-ceramic bezel models, currently priced at around $1200. ผมลังเลมากครับ ระหว่างสองยี่ห้อ สองรุ่นนี้ ฝากท่านสมาชิกช่วยตัดสินด้วยครับ (กำลังจะถอยสักเรือนแล้ว) The Longines look nice, where do they sit build wise, compared to the Oris? The Longines Legend Diver features an ETA 2824 with date and the Oris Sixty Five Diver a Sellita SW-200, basically a clone of the ETA 2824. Posted on January 31, 2016 by Vmens. 4. button. Longines vs Oris - Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' Posts 30 Likes 21. Comparing the old one and the modern one is like playing to ‘ Spot the difference ‘, considering how close these two are. Longines has better design and movement for new ceramic version Caliber L888 last longer than Oris SW200-1. Longines Conquest is the quintessential expression of the brand’s sporting elegance. The Longines. Longines did a great job in updating the HydroConquest for 2018 especially by reducing the size from 44mm to 41mm. Oris wasn't even allowed to make or use decent movements until the mid 1960s! Both measures 25.6mm in diameter, feature a date, beat at 4hz and boast 38 hours of power reserve. Oris is another one of those under-the-radar brands that offers great watches for relatively little money.Launched in 1938, the Big Crown Pointer Date celebrated its 80th birthday in 2018 and is still going strong. As a rule of thumb I'd suggest that Longines will be elegant and slimmer whereas Oris will be … - Longines vs Oris!!!! Here, with the Oris Divers Sixty Five – just like the Longines Legend Diver, its main competitor – it just works. Oris is one of very few independent Swiss watchmakers left. Distinguished and exceptional, Longines watches are backed by almost 200 years of craft. This Tag is a quartz... for roughly the same price as the other two which are autos. Automatic Dive Watch Duel: Longines Legend Diver vs Oris Aquis Date! It is beautiful, legible and versatile, but without an attached price point that would break the bank. I have came down to the following 5 models. Less so having a date window and more so the integration into the dial. There are many iterations of the Divers Sixty-Five, which includes the Carl Brashear Limited Edition. TAG Heuer TAG Heuer was first known as… Oris modifies theirs, adding in a date wheel with a larger typeface. Country of origin: Hölstein, Switzerland Date founded: 1904 Founder: Georges Christian, Paul Cattin. Oris is known for producing automatic or mechanical watches only. Hi guys, in about a month or so I will finally have enough saving to buy my first ~$5000 watch!! Would love to see a review of that here soon! I am not considering a brand value or reputation. Although Longines was purchased by the Swatch Group in the 1980s, the brand had its start in Lake Neuchâtel Switzerland in 1832. Discover the Oris collection and all novelties on the official Oris website. Head to head comparison of these two excellent Swiss Made automatic divers - the Legend Diver from historic Longines vs. the Aquis Date from independent Oris! On the other hand, the Aquis Date Green Ceramic Bezel is what’s driving me crazy in their current range of watches. That’s right! But there’s 2 things that always let Longines down. This question can be divided into two parts, heritage vs. catalog and cost. The pointer date is a complication deeply associated with the Swiss watchmaker and also something of an oddball today. The Legend Diver has the perfect proportions and looks, the Oris feels slightly “off”. Hope that helps! The winner is the one which gets best visibility on Google. Stick around, get to 50 posts and gain access to your full profile and additional features such as a personal messaging system, chat room and the sales forum PLUS the chance to enter our regular giveaways. Oris. It’s a small change with a big impact. This is a highly competitive price range for sports/diving watches so it will be interesting to … *****Omega vs Seiko vs Oris***** Page 1 of 3 1; 2 3 christopher90 Sep 20, 2018. Longines. Compared to the lower end Longines and Oris watches, you should expect better accuracy as well. You do the math. L2.893.5.79.7 Longines Master Collection 42 Date Stainless Steel / Pink Gold / Silver-Arabic / Bracelet A Tudor is a watch for a person that desperately wishes they could afford a Rolex, but cannot. That said, Tudor slightly edges out the win here with one particular factor – it is a brand that is under the banner of Rolex. I would take the LHC as it will survive well in the office in terms of … Similar to the Skin Diver, the Divers Sixty-Five collection pays homage to their diver’s watch that was launched in the 1960s. Oris has championed the mechanical watch without gouging on the price, earning glowing reviews. The shiny cases and date window. Watch enthusiasts around the world regard Oris as an exclusive Swiss brand which offers affordable mechanical watches. ...so (vs Longines) the extra $$$ nets you a better warranty, an in-house movement with longer power reserve, better fit/finish (less noticeable if you are comparing vs the higher end Longines), the Omega design, and the Omega brand. 20% off on TAG Heuer, Longine, Oris, Hamilton watch and more [Maison Monaco] Watch 20% off, TAG, Longines, Oris, Hamilton - RedFlagDeals.com Forums Rotate image Save Cancel Gio G. 2,549 posts. The two other watches, the Oris and the Longines, still relies on out-sourced movements. Re: Longines Hydroconquest vs Oris Aquis vs TAG Heuer Aquaracer There is an important point that no one has pointed out. Oris Aquis vs Longines Hydroconquest Sign Up to reply and join the friendliest Watch Forum on the web. Longines HydroConquest. Wednesday 23rd September 2020. I have the 41 HC, was a 10 years of service gift from work. Longines luxury watches, manufactured by Cie des Montres Longines Francillon SA, a unit of Swatch Group AG, sit on display in a store window in Munich, Germany, on Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013. Tudor watch (Image: Wikimedia Commons) Both Oris and Tudor manage to keep up with each other step by step throughout our comparisons with some of their best watches. The inclusion of ceramic bezels is a welcome update from aluminum and stainless steel.
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