Stay updated with the latest finance tips! The amount will be pro-rated and refunded to you within 10 working days. Is there anything else that I should take note of? You may call NLB's helpdesk at 6332 3255. NSW government provides a wide range of concessions and subsidies to help with the cost of public transport in and around Sydney. For more information on the WIS scheme, please visit the Workfare Portal. Unlimited travel on both train rides and basic bus services for $90.50 monthly. Only the intended card to be used for travel should be tapped at the bus and MRT/LRT gate readers to avoid problems and/or retention of your card. Ask around to see if any of your friends or family have bought a card like it, and whether they thought it was worth the money. Getting from Bukit Batok MRT station to NTU’s CEE school costs $1.33. 45065737 Form … Total transport cost per month: $73.08 + $26.40 = $99.48. The concession card shall be retained if it has been tampered with, misused, replaced or refunded. * Concession cards have to be activated and valid before the purchase of concession passes. 45064962 Form No. Note: Current students without a concession card can apply for one either through or any TransitLink Ticket Office. Complete the enrollment form. Payment at the AVMs and TUMs can be done via NETS while e-Payments such as NETS, credit and debit cards are accepted at the TL Kiosks and GTMs. For a replacement Concession Opal card: call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL). You can call NLB's helpdesk at 6332 3255. The JC Student ID card provided shall remain the property of the College, and has to be returned in good condition at the end of the study programme. * Only ONE valid concession pass can be utilised in an individual concession card at any one time. The concession card must be carried as proof of eligibility when travelling on the MRT/LRT/bus in order to enjoy travel concession. If your tertiary institution's student ID card is not recognised by Transport for NSW (TfNSW), you'll need a transport concession entitlement card when you're travelling on your Opal concession card within the Opal network. NTU is a local university notoriously known for its super ulu location all the way in the west end of Singapore. The good news is for many students, the changes will actually reduce fares, as long as you hold a Transport Concession Entitlement Card. Secondary students aged 16 years and over are required to travel with their Transport Concession Entitlement Card. Going to the gym on Saturdays or running errands. If you would like to obtain a refund of any remaining travel value on the card, simply return the concession card to any TransitLink Ticket Office where it will be retained. You can check the expiry date of your concession card at any TransitLink Kiosk, Add Value Machine (AVM), General Ticketing Machine (GTM) or Assisted Service Kiosk (ASK) in the MRT/LRT stations and bus interchanges. Call 13 12 30 3. Concession Cards are not transferable, so please use the concession card that belongs to you. If you are heading down to the Concession Card Replacement Office to apply for a replacement, kindly bring along: If you would like someone else to help you apply for a replacement, then they will have to present their own original NRIC / Passport in addition to the above-mentioned items. A convenience fee may be applicable for each transaction. You got to the end of the article! For travel on Regional services, NSW secondary school students aged 16 to 18 years inclusive must hold the Transport Concession Entitlement Card. Or simply download TL SimplyGo mobile app for the full suite of e-Services. If $X is < $85, you SHOULD NOT get the hybrid concession pass. It costs you $1.75 per trip. PLUS, you get to exploit your pass and take the bus around campus which is often way less packed than the campus shuttle bus! Approved Form of Student ID Card must be produced while travelling on a concession fare if requested by a bus driver, Revenue Protection Officer or Police. Commonwealth Seniors Health Card a. If you are calling after operating hours, just leave a voice mail. On the other hand, students who live across the island from NTU such as in neighbourhoods like Tampines pay $2.01 per trip to school. Replacement of lost card You may now apply for a replacement concession card online (for Lost card only) by clicking Fret not, ask our community here! Legal proceedings may be taken against any person who misuses the card, allows any misuse of the card, or breaches any of the Terms & Conditions, for the use of the Undergraduate Concession Card. 5160 Keywords: Secondary Student Transport Concession Card Replacement Application Form Catalogue No. The Undergraduate Concession Card can also be topped-up with a minimum travel value of $10 for use on buses and trains should you decide not to purchase a monthly concession pass. if a big portion of your journey consists of either train or bus rides, use the same formula and final amount of $X to decide if the train only or bus only concessions make more sense for you. The card must be shown without demand to the bus driver, inspector or other authorised staff of SBS Transit, SMRT, SLRT, Tower Transit, Go-Ahead and TransitLink when requested. Student card category secondary (13 – 17 years old) Valid until 31 December in the year when card holders reach 17 years old c. College/university student card (18 years old and above) You may also top up the card at the TransitLink Kiosks (TL Kiosks), Add Value Machines (AVMs), Top-up Machines (TUMs) or General Ticketing Machines (GTMs), which are conveniently located at MRT stations and bus interchanges island wide. The adult pass would only be worth it for someone who makes long trips very often throughout the month, and also travels on weekends. (Note: National Student Clearinghouse charges a $2.50 fee). Normal adult fares will be deducted. I've just completed my studies. *Postgraduates are not eligible for Undergraduate Concession Card. Students will receive their cards from their respective institutions after their application is processed. Tertiary Students enjoy travel concession through the use of Monthly Concession Passes (MCPs). Which are the institutions qualified under this concession scheme? Please check with your respective institution should your application be unsuccessful. These are usually spontaneous trips so you can get a good estimate by factoring in 1-2 trips per weekend for better calculations. Ultimate guides to kickstart your finances. Remember to bring along your original NRIC / Passport / Re-entry Permit / Foreign Student Pass (FIN) to receive the refund. Secondary students aged 15 years and older, including home educated students. Photograph must fulfil the following criteria: There will also be a $5 card cost (non-refundable) and $3.10 personalisation fee (non-refundable) payable upon the application of the Undergraduate Concession Card. Oh no, I've lost my card! Visit your local go card retailer. As of Monday 22 January 2018registered home education students 15 years and older who hold a valid Home Education Unit identification card are also eligible. If they use the Secondary School Smartcards to pay concession cash fares on buses, their Secondary School Smartcards may be retained by the Bus Captain / Service Leader for investigation and verification. Only valid for wal The administrative fee and the replacement cost will be waived in the event that the electronic data on the technically faulty card cannot be reliably read for any reason whatsoever as determined by TransitLink. The Undergraduate Concession Card can also be topped-up with a minimum travel value for use on the buses and trains should you decide not to purchase a concession pass. The administrative fee covers the handling and operating costs. In the event if there is any misuse within 48 hours before the card is blocked, TransitLink will not be liable. Instead, a receipt will be issued by the Customer Service Officer at the TransitLink Ticket Office and the refund (if any) can be collected after five working days at any of our TransitLink Ticket Office. International Students in receipt of one of the following full scholarships may be eligible: For information or queries on Adult stored value cards. The lost card will be invalidated within 48 hours from time of report. There are 3 ways to get your card replaced. What’s one common financial decision that undergraduates and working adults both have to face? of the lost concession card. You often head for after-work dinner and drinks on Fridays at Clarke Quay, which costs $0.77 one way. Students who have bought a Bus or Hybrid Concession Pass should still tap the concession card against the entry and exit card readers when boarding and alighting from buses. You will need to purchase an Adult Stored Value Card for daily commuting. Suppose we use Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as an example. But if you really want to give a physical gift, you can order a physical JCPenney gift card and have it shipped for free. Students who abandon or withdraw from a programme of studies have to return the JC Student ID Card to the SSO. There sure are! Notes: Concession card registration closed at 4 pm daily; This card is issued with RM 5.00 card price and initial stored value of RM 10.00, totalling RM 15.00 which is required upon application and to be borne by the customer. If $X is > $85, you SHOULD get the hybrid concession pass. From what we found out, most undergrads and working adults have a fixed travel route that they take on a regular basis and can compute their transport spendings based on the distance they travel and how often they travel. From 15 February 2015, students who are sponsored by or receiving an allowance from an organisation will also be eligible for Undergraduate Concession Card. For more information on basic and premium bus services, click on the respective bus operators below. When should you get the concession passes? In the event that you have missed out on the exercise, you can always apply for your first card at any TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Office located island-wide. Student card category primary (7 – 12 years old) Valid until 31 December in the year when card holders reach 12 years old b. If you would like a proxy to help receive the refund of the card, then they will have to present their own original NRIC / Passport in addition to the above-mentioned items. Updated 11/05/2020 01.53 AM. * Activation of concession pass can be made up to 7 days in advance from your travel start date. * Basic bus services include trunk and feeder services. On the weekends, you head to Bugis for shopping or to meet friends; this costs you $1.65 for the weekend trip. During the 4-month grace period, you may request an immediate refund (if any) at any TransitLink Ticket Office. Proof of concession eligibility must be supplied before entering the cinema. But before you head down, it is advisable to call the TransitLink Hotline at 1800-CALL ONE (1800-2255 663) to check your eligibility status first. What should I do? When making your new concession card, the Temporary Card must be returned. Senior Ticket: Seniors tickets are available to Senior Card holders (65 years old and over). Should your card get retained, you may call the toll-free TransitLink Hotline 1800-CALL ONE (1800-2255 663) to check on the retained smartcard status after 5 working days. Undergraduate concession pass upfront payment: Monthly rate, a $5 card cost and $3.10 personalisation fee. For e.g. Taken against a white background in colour passport-sized, Image must show full face from chin to crown of the head, You may now apply for a replacement of lost concession card online by clicking, Alternatively, you may apply for an immediate replacement at any. New Concession Card Application; Concession Card Application Status Enquiry; Concession Card Conversion; Replacement of Lost Concession Card; Customer Claim; Pay Penalty Fee; e-Feedback; Customer Satisfaction Survey (Customer Service Officers) News Room. What if I would like to get a refund on my card? Concessions. Can I still use the card? How to get your DART-issued student ID. $X is the total amount you spend on public transport in a month, not counting extra spontaneous trips. The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents/guardians with children enrolled in secondary schooling who hold an eligible concession card. Passport-size photograph (taken within the last 3 months) against a white background; Original NRIC/Passport for Singapore Citizens; Original NRIC/Re-entry Permit for Singapore Permanent Residents; Original Passport and Foreign Student Pass (FIN) for foreign students. In this case, it makes perfect sense to get the monthly train concession at just $45. Enhanced concessions will be granted for polytechnic and other diploma students to ensure fare affordability for more Singaporeans. live a big distance away from your school or office, are required to make multiple trips daily for your job or to run errands, have to change train lines at least twice per trip to get to your destination, (for tertiary students) have 5 days of school without free days, are a lazy person and take the bus from one part of school to another even though there is a free campus shuttle bus, live in the neighbouring areas of your destination, have a free(…you paid for it in your school fees) campus shuttle or office shuttle bus to the nearest train station, often tompang a family, friend or colleague who drives. The Adult Monthly Travel Pass (AMTP) was introduced in 2014 and functions similar to that of the Undergraduate concession pass. SBS Transit, SMRT, SLRT, Tower Transit, Go-Ahead and TransitLink reserve the right to retain any card deemed necessary for investigation. Are You Eligible for the Most Atas Credit Cards in the World? Senior Secondary Student Concession Application - Home School, Mature Age or Distance Education Student Catalogue No. For those with jobs that require you to move around the island several times a day, calculate an average day’s worth of travel and see how it adds up by following these steps. If you're included in the list below, you may be eligible for a myki which has a concession fare and may include other travel benefits. Do note that the minimum top-up amount is $10 and that the maximum stored value of the card is $500. Adult fares will still apply. While students include school children and college students of public and private colleges and varsities including foreign students studying in Malaysia, concession cards for People with Disabilities (OKU) and senior citizens aged above 60 years old are exclusively for Malaysians. Senior Secondary Student Concession Card (16 years and over) – also issued to Mature Secondary Students (18 years and over), Distance Education Students and Home School Students. In addition, you may top up your card at 7-Eleven and Cheers outlets. Don't forget to bring your original NRIC / Passport / Re-entry Permit / Foreign Student Pass (FIN) for verification purposes. The type of concession or health care card you can get depends on your situation. Sydney Airport train station access fee. The pre-selected ATU amount will be deducted from the registered credit/debit card or bank account. If you forget to bring your concession card or if your concession card has expired, please pay adult cash fare or use a valid Adult stored value card. The Temporary Card is encoded with $5.00 in travel value to help you make your way to the TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Office for an immediate replacement and to file a deferred refund for the unused period of your Monthly Concession Pass. * Concession pass is valid for one month, which is similar to all other passes. With this cost in mind, it still does not make sense to get the $120 adult pass. Alternatively, you can apply for the Auto Top-Up (ATU) facility by credit card or Bank GIRO to enjoy the convenience of automatically adding value to your concession cards. It is then probably not wise for a bus or train concession in this case. You can simply apply for one during the bulk application exercise which is usually conducted every April to May and July to August. Once the card validity has expired, the card can no longer be used. Always ask if there is a student discount when shopping for goods and services; you may be well rewarded. All you have to do is visit any TransitLink Ticket Office to top up your card. Working adults would have a similar pattern in their travels, except that there may be more trips made in a day and during the weekends for after-work events and gatherings etc. So we sincerely advise card holders to search thoroughly for the card before making the loss report. * Unused concession pass is non-refundable. To get or not to get transport concession passes! Each card is to be used separately. To start using your Undergraduate Concession Card, simply head down to any TransitLink Ticket Office to activate the card by making a minimum top-up of $10. Re: Reminder to JC1 students to extend your concession card Post by sparks » Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:24 am kitty2 wrote: Heard the mrt staffs said only Jc students can extend! You may also get an immediate lost card replacement at the, Original NRIC/Passport for Singapore citizens; or, Original NRIC/Re-entry Permit for Singapore Permanent Residents; or, Original Student Pass (FIN) for foreign students for verification purposes; and, One colour passport-sized photograph that was taken within the last 3 months against a white background; and. Eligible tertiary students pay the Concession Sydney Airport station access fee when travelling with a Concession Opal card to or from the airport train stations. Say you live in Yishun and work at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Share with us: Are you paying for a monthly concession? Students must carry an approved Queensland student photo ID at all times while travelling, or be wearing an official Queensland school uniform. If time is of the essence, you can print or email an e-gift card that can be used immediately. Conditions of Issue and Use for Stored Value Cards, Private Education Institution Student Concession Card, Persons with Disabilities Concession Card, Conditions of Issue and Use for Concession Cards, Conditions of Issue and Use for Temporary Cards, Concession Card Replacement Office Locations, e-Payment Top-up at General Ticketing Machines, Workfare Transport Concession Scheme Fares, Persons with Disabilities Concession Scheme Fares, Eligibility Check for PWD / WTCS Applicants, Concession Card Application Status Enquiry, Customer Satisfaction Survey (Customer Service Officers), TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Office, Singapore Polytechnic (Degree course students only), Singapore University of Technology & Design.
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