The FolioCollaborative is a non-profit, growing community of over 130 schools around the world.  We are focused on working together to build a flexible faculty / staff development process that really works.  We believe that everyone deserves meaningful feedback and encouragement every year.  We believe that great teachers are the essential ingredient to a great school – more important than location, facilities, or endowment.  Leveraging the power of technology together with a passion for teaching excellence, we provide a flexible framework that fully engages the school community and enables educators to discover and achieve their full potential.

Built to Adapt to Your School’s Culture

The Folio implementation process and software can be adapted to work with the unique needs of your school. The FolioCollaborative team will be there to support your school throughout the entire process of implementation to ensure that Folio integrates with your school’s mission and values.

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Watch Our Introduction Video

A brief video overview of the Folio process.

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